At the Park Lodge Project every penny we raise goes towards housing, supporting and educating our young people to give them the best chance possible of a better life.


Park Lodge Project Charter and Mission Statement

Park Lodge is a supported housing project for homeless young people in Leicester

We provide

  • A safe, stable and supportive place for young people to grow
  • A 24/7 open door to house, support and listen to all the young people
  • A space for personal development, for expressing aspirations and for beginning to realise talents and ambitions
  • An opportunity to work through personal traumas and develop appropriate attachments as a basis for positive relationships
  • An accepting and stimulating environment in which young people can explore and express themselves
  • A sense of belonging, home and community where they are respected, nurtured and valued

To achieve this, we expect that:

Our young people will:

  • Respect and engage with the staff , other young people and the wider community
  • Seek to be honest, trustful and open in their relationships
  • Be treated fairly and without fear or favour
  • Sign up to and keep to any house rules
  • Explore their hopes, dreams and aspirations
  • Reflect and learn from their actions and, with support and encouragement, begin to find solutions to problems for themselves
  • Take responsibility for themselves and their actions
  • Take up opportunities for personal development and seek to spend their time constructively
  • Build their sense of self-esteem and worth
  • Manage their money and pay their rent on time
  • Look after their property and health
  • Develop the life skills they need to live independently

Our staff will:

  • Respect and empower each other and the young people they support
  • Be honest, open and flexible and build relationships of trust and fairness, without fear or favour
  • Be firm when necessary to challenge unacceptable behaviour
  • Observe professional boundaries with each other and young people and help young people to recognise their importance
  • Listen, care, trust, encourage, support and guide
  • Value and celebrate diversity and difference
  • Provide informed choices and challenges and help young people to take responsibility for the consequences of decisions they take
  • Encourage appropriate and calculated risk taking
  • Set clear and realistic expectations and goals for themselves and for the young people they support
  • Provide young people with accurate information and signpost them to other organisations and agencies
  • Make space for professional conversations in which they can reflect on their work and achieve high standards
  • Take up opportunities for personal and professional development

Our Management Committee will:

  • Develop the Project and seek to keep it viable
  • Delegate authority in a clear and accountable way
  • Give staff the tools to do the job the best they can
  • Provide space for professional conversations – e.g. reflective practice
  • Offer support, challenge and guidance
  • Be approachable and responsive

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