Case Studies

Kayleigh Herbert

My experience at Park Lodge I was transferred from Jason Court to Park Lodge Project when I was 16 years of age. When I moved to Park Lodge, I instantly felt welcome and safe. At first I was placed in the main building and I quickly made friends with other residents. When I was able…

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Case Study 2 – Young asylum seekers supported

In October 2016 we were made aware that later that day two young men who were unaccompanied asylum seekers would be arriving from Calais at the project. A 16 year-old arrived at 10:30 that night with just the clothes he stood up in. He spent the night in one of the flats nearby. He had…

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Case Study – Vulnerable Woman helped with independence

We received a referral from Leicester College for a young woman who was vulnerable and in need of support. At the time she was living with a family friend as her relationship with her mother had broken down months before. She would put herself in dangerous situations, meeting men on the internet who would then…

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