At the Park Lodge Project every penny we raise goes towards housing, supporting and educating our young people to give them the best chance possible of a better life.



Are you interested in helping the Park Lodge Project? There are various ways you can do this, principally by giving time, money or other things.

Donations are always welcome, whether that is giving money or items of furniture. We always like to give new residents a welcome pack when they arrive and you might like to help with that. Or when they first get their own independent accommodation you might like to contribute to a moving-on pack. These very practical examples of help are greatly appreciated.

Young people tend to have big appetites so food is always welcome too. Tastes vary of course but staple foods, like breakfast cereal, tea and tinned goods, are a good starting-point. Or if you enjoy cooking, why not come along for an evening or at the week-end and help the young people prepare a tasty meal for themselves?

Volunteering your time is a good way to support the Project. If there are particular skills you have – gardening, craftwork, for example – why not come along and share your enthusiasm with the young people and staff. Sometimes it can rub off and the young people can pick up a skill that otherwise might pass them by.

Financial contributions are always welcome, especially at Christmas or in the holidays when it good to be able to treat the young people and staff to a meal out or a trip.

We also provide placement opportunities for students wanting first-hand experience of working with vulnerable young people, especially if they are on a relevant professional qualifying course – e.g. youth and community work or social work.

Sometimes it is useful for some of the young people to be befriended by an adult who is neither a family member nor a professional worker. Or if you would like to offer regular sessions when you could mentor a young person by making use of your life experience, then that would be welcome too.

So whatever contribution you would like to make, get in touch by phoning or e-mailing the project and speaking to any member of staff.

Park Lodge Project