At the Park Lodge Project every penny we raise goes towards housing, supporting and educating our young people to give them the best chance possible of a better life.



How long will I have to wait before I am offered a place?

Park Lodge Project operates a waiting list, each time there is a vacancy all young people on the waiting list are considered. The Project takes into consideration when making the decision who to offer the bedspace to:

  • Which property the vacancy is in
  • The current needs and risk levels of the young people living in that property
  • The level of need and risk that the people on the waiting list have

How long a young person may have to wait for a vacancy can vary from days, weeks or several months.

What will I be supported with?

  • Food shopping
  • Budgeting
  • Cooking
  • Education/Training and employment
  • External appointments
  • Sexual health
  • Emotional well being
  • Relationships
  • Self esteem
  • Confidence
  • Community Awareness
  • Moving on and managing change
  • Parenting
  • Meaningful use of time
  • Social skill

What will I need to bring with me when I move in?

You will need to bring all your personal belongings including any ID and proof of income if you have not already provided the project with this. You will need toiletries, towels and food as the project does not provide these, however the project does try to have some of these essential items for those in need.

How much do I have to pay rent and how often?

Rent is £15.00 per week and is charged every Monday, however this may increase slightly every year. You will be informed via letter if this is going to happen.

Can I have visitors?

Visitors are allowed from 5pm till 11pm at discretion of duty staff during the week and 10am till 11pm during the weekend. You can have up to 2 guests at any one time and they will need to bring photo I.D so this can be photocopied at the office. Guests must be 16 years old or over and other residents are not allowed in your room whilst you have guests. All guests need to be signed in and out at the office. No overnight guests are allowed.

How do I know when activities are going on?

Activities will be put up on notice boards in all the properties. Staff members will also call or text you to remind you of these.

What do I do if I am getting bullied?

Please talk to any member of staff immediately so this can be resolved. Park Lodge Project does not tolerate bullying of any kind. We will take any matter seriously and will ensure any issues are dealt with sensitively. If you cannot approach staff at the project please try and talk to someone who you trust.

How do I make a complaint?

The Complaints forms are located in all of the properties on the notice boards. Fill one out and address this to the Manager (envelopes are provided) and hand in to the office.

How long can I live at the Project for?

There is no set limit to the time you can live at the Project, however we aim to support young people into suitable alternative accommodation such as their own tenancies as quickly as possible when the Project feels they will be able to manage this.

What time do I have to be in for?

If you live in the main building (2 Central Avenue) there is a curfew of 12 midnight, you will not be allowed into the building after this time unless this is due to an emergency or have been given prior permission by management.

Are you allowed to have pets at the project?

No, pets are not allowed to be kept on the project or visit.

Am I allowed to drink alcohol at the project?

Alcohol is not allowed to be brought into the project or consumed at the main building (Central Avenue), however if you are over 18yrs old and live at an outer house property then you may drink sensibly on the premises.

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