At the Park Lodge Project every penny we raise goes towards housing, supporting and educating our young people to give them the best chance possible of a better life.


What to Expect When Moving In

Below you will see an overview of the Project and what to expect when staying with us. Other services are featured in more detail than others and can be seen in the menu above.

Moving In

Food: Park Lodge is self catering. This means you will need to buy and cook your own food.

Kitchen Equipment: The kitchens at the Project do have kitchen equipment for you to use although you may wish to have your own pots and pans. You should have a plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoon already in your room.We do not allow deep fat frying.
If you live in a self-contained flat the projects provide you with all cooking equipment

Washing machines: There are two washing machines and dryers for you to use. These are free but you have to provide your own washing powder.

Key & fob: You will be given a key to your room and a fob. The fob will let you in and out of the building (remember to sign yourself in and out of the building – by the front door). Always lock your door when you leave you room. If you lose you key or fob, you will be charged £15 for each of these. Please tell staff if you lose any of these.

TV & music equipment: If you have a television or stereo, you can bring these to the Project.

Your room: We expect you to keep your room clean and tidy; it is your responsibility! If you allow any other residents into your room and something was to happen, you would be held responsible.


  • There is a member of staff on duty 24 hours per day.
  • All buildings are fitted with CCTV.
  • Central Ave building – front door will automatically lock at 12 midnight. If you are not back and have not informed a member of staff of any emergency, you cannot re enter the building until 8.00am the following morning.
  • All guests must be signed in and out. We must have photo ID and only two guests are allowed at any one time.

Keyworker & support sessions

You will be allocated a key worker and will have at least an hour support session with this member of staff each week. They are here to help you with any issues / concerns and you are required to attend these. However, you can speak with a member of staff and/or ask for a support session at any time. A review of your support plan can be initiated by you at anytime.

This time is for you – so please come prepared and use this time to your advantage.

Park Lodge Project