At the Park Lodge Project every penny we raise goes towards housing, supporting and educating our young people to give them the best chance possible of a better life.

Eddie Bailey, CEO

Eddie Bailey

Helen Miller, Deputy Manager, West End

Helen Miller

Service Manager Hinckley Road Hub
Michelle Brown, Deputy Manager, Central Avenue

Michelle Brown

Service Manager Central Avenue Hub
Michelle Miller, Activities Co-ordinator

Michelle Miller

Activities Co-ordinator
Chantelle Feare, Project Worker

Chantelle Feare

Project Worker
Asif Khalifa, Project Worker

Asif Khalifa

Project Worker
Michelle Calvert, Project Worker

Michelle Calvert

Project Worker
Lisa Barks, Project Worker

Lisa Barks

Project Worker
Julie Cole, Social Worker

Julie Cole

Social Worker
Marta Kowalczyk, Administrator

Marta Kowalczyk

Michael Parker, Night Worker

Michael Parker

Night Worker
Amy Underwood, Project Worker

Amy Underwood

Project Worker
Elaine Simpson, Domestic Worker

Elaine Simpson

Domestic Worker
Vicky Lennox-Warburton, Open Book Counselling, Project Counsellor

Victoria Lennox-Warburton

Project Counsellor
Peter Ramsawak, Night Worker

Peter Ramsawak

Night Worker
Winnie Nyathi, Project Worker

Winnie Nyathi

Project Worker

Park Lodge Project