At the Park Lodge Project every penny we raise goes towards housing, supporting and educating our young people to give them the best chance possible of a better life.


What is the referral process?

An application can be made to Park Lodge Project by a young person themselves, an agency or any other person on behalf of a young person.

This can be done by:

Once the Project receives a referral form, a Deputy Manager will contact the person who has completed the referral to arrange an interview.

All young people will be invited to the project to have a look around and an in-depth interview which will assess their needs and support requirements. Park Lodge Project will then assess the application, risk assessment and needs assessment and a decision will be made as to which referrals will be accepted to be placed onto the waiting list.

Any agency referring a young person to the Project will be asked to provide any information they have about the needs and situation of the young person, including a copy of an up to date risk assessment if necessary.

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